Commercial Curtain Wall Reflective Glass Window Restoration

Client: Neutron Factory Works Inc.

Year: 2016

Location: Delta, BC

Shop Drawing Yes

Boom Lift Work Yes

Products Include: Solarcool Refective Glass with Argon Sealed Units

With our organized system & staff, we were able to efficiently completed the process of restoring this entire commercial building windows & doors, which has leak issue & foggy double pane glass windows.

  1. We opened up a couple of old glass windows then assessed how it was installed & see what may have caused the leak issues. Then we re-designed how glass and existing frames would be installed so that the leaks would not re-occur.
  2. We completely removed all the old glass panels & installed all brand new double pane glass window per our design.
  3. All old rusted out screws were replaced with non-rusted stainless steel screws.
  4. Existing frame aluminum finishing caps were re-painted/powder coated to freshen up the look & to go hand in hand with the newly installed glass panels
  5. All silicone work was added to safeguard the window frames perimeter from water entering the gaps that meets the frames & concrete walls

Job completed. No more foggy glass, no more leaks.