Folding Glass Doors and Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Installation for an Ocean-View Home in Vancouver, Canada


Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the sight of the sun rising over the beautiful waterfront beach of Vancouver, British Columbia. For one lucky homeowner, this dream became a reality after a recent renovation project that transformed their outdated windows and doors into stunning showcases of the natural beauty just outside their home.

The initial problem stemmed from the old fixed windows that obstructed the panoramic view of the ocean. The flimsy frames and small doors leading to the deck limited the homeowner’s ability to fully enjoy the stunning scenery. The solution? A complete redesign and renovation of the windows and doors to maximize the ocean views.

Angel Glass team removed all the old windows and doors, replacing them with floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed uninterrupted views of the ocean. In addition, new folding glass doors were installed, providing the homeowner with the flexibility to open up the entire space and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Of course, every renovation project comes with its own set of challenges. To access the difficult slopes and hard-to-reach areas during installation, custom scaffolding was set up. This allowed the Angel Glass team to work efficiently and ensure that every detail was executed with precision, resulting in a seamless transition from outdated views to breathtaking ocean view.

In the end, the renovation not only transformed the physical space but also enhanced the overall living experience for the homeowner. With unobstructed views of the ocean and the ability to seamlessly connect indoors with the outdoors, this renovation project perfectly captured the essence of coastal living in Vancouver, Canada.